Chad Boulter: Surfing in his Spare Time

Chad Boulter is a jazz musician based in Jupiter, Florida. His oceanside locale allows him to go surfing in his spare time. Boulter has worked at several musical clubs in the area as a band member and solo artist, specializing in playing the saxophone. Boulter started playing as a child and eventually developed his skills enough to make a career of his hobby and skill. Boulter’s lifestyle also allows him to surf and travel between gigs and practice sessions. Some of his favorite places to surf are located near his front door, but he loves to explore different areas and waters to catch waves.

Chad Boulter Carbondale

Chad Boulter loves to share his love of surfing with others whenever possible. He takes friends and family with him on his surfing trips to teach them how to surf safely and have more fun in the ocean. Boulter likes to say, “surf at your own pace,” which describes how those new to surfing should approach the ocean and the waves that can cause damage to the uninitiated. Surfing is all about balance and getting a “feel” for the board and the water. He encourages his newer surfing buddies to start with a board that fits them and their body weight so they have a chance of balancing correctly and safely on the board as it rips through the water.

Surfing takes practice and falling off the board several times to become skilled. Chad Boulter has fallen himself many times and continues to take spills as he learns more. The key, he tells his friends and family, is getting back on the board.

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Chad Boulter: Safety in Skateboarding

Chad Boulter has a reputation for his cool demeanor on stage and his trend-setting style off it. He loves to spend his spare time surfing and skateboarding near his home in Jupiter, Florida, where he has made his professional jazz career successful by connecting with other musicians and with music fans in the community and by honing his craft for years. Chad Boulter takes his hobbies seriously because, as he puts it, he “never takes days off from his life. One life to live.”

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Just because Chad Boulter loves to grip it and rip it doesn’t mean he doesn’t take safety seriously. He loves to surf near his home in Jupiter and go skateboarding whenever he can. He loves the adrenaline rush of these hobbies, but he still keeps himself safe with appropriate equipment.

Boulter can be seen around his Jupiter community flying through the streets on his skateboard—and helmet. Boulter has seen the statistics for people who get injured on skateboards and don’t wear helmets. Musician Chad Boulter has one child already and needs to be there for him, so he takes his safety, especially when it comes to helmets to protect his head, seriously, so that nothing goes wrong.

Chad Boulter continues to push himself to new heights on stage with his saxophone playing. His hobbies reflect his constant seeking for the next rush, but he doesn’t take chances with his safety. Boulter’s helmets may not look “cool,” but it protects him and keeps him playing his saxophone and building his career.

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Chad Boulter: Snowboarder

Chad Boulter loves to snowboard during the winter. He’s a professional musician living and working in Jupiter, Florida, but he has former band-mates and friends dotted around the United States who let him stay with them so he can get to the snow when he can as well.

Like many snowboarders, he started his obsession as a skier. Over time and over many runs down double-diamond courses in many locations throughout the United States and beyond, Chad Boulter was introduced to snowboarding by his friends. The transition was troubling to him at first, but since then, he’s embraced snowboarding as his favorite winter sport.

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Chad Boulter

Chad Boulter still loves to ski, but he never travels to the mountains without his snowboard. Although the debate rages on between snow boarders and skiers in many circles, Boulter is firm in his belief that both are excellent sources of fun on the slope. He insists that he loves both equally. One aspect of snowboarding that separates it from skiing in his book is the separated snowboarding areas now common in skiing areas. He finds that he has more options to go through obstacle courses and challenge himself to runs and feats of increasing difficulty with a snowboard.

Chad Boulter doesn’t lament his home in Florida during the winter months, but he loves to get out to the snow whenever he can to test his snowboarding and skiing skills.

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Chad Boulter: The Therapeutic Effects of Music

Chad Boulter has been a professional musician in the Jupiter, Florida area for many years. Since he was a teenager, he has been playing with bands wherever he could around town, trying to share his passion for jazz with as many people as possible. Boulter is a big believer in music as therapy, not just for people struggling to get by, but for everyone who wants to uplift their soul.

Chad Boulter Effects of MusicChad Boulter has seen the positive effects of listening to and learning how to play music over and over again in his life.

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His perception that music can be a powerful healing agent is backed by some scientific studies. Researchers studying the brain know that playing and even listening to music intently is a great way to exercise the brain and give it new challenges, which is critical to improving brain function and brain power, especially as people age. Boulter, who got his big break playing at a charity concert for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, believes in the power of music.

Chad Boulter continues to play throughout the Jupiter, Florida area. He is also a skilled and well-known teacher of all kinds of music to everyone who wants to learn an instrument and a style of music.

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Chad Boulter : Beginner Surfing Tips

Chad Boulter was born in Florida and raised near the state’s many beaches. When he isn’t teaching music students or playing guitar at local venues, he’s often on his surfboard, catching waves and having the time of his life.

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Chad Boulter

If you’re ready to join surfers like Chad Boulter, you’re in for quite a ride. Surfing is a rewarding and addicting sport with a slow learning curve, as opposed to the steep-yet-fast curves of other sports. Tips like those below can help you stick with it and continue to improve:

  • Boards Matter

Surfboards aren’t like equipment for other sports. Having the perfect surfboard can be the difference between catching twenty waves or zero in a day. Ask a local surf shop for advice and, when in doubt, look for wide, thick, long boards with flat rockers.

  • Research Surf Spots

Don’t head to a surf spot without researching it, learning if it’s good for beginners and checking the weather for the day. Research can save the day, or even your life.

Chad Boulter

Remember, surfing comes with a slow learning curve and even those with years under their belts, like Chad Boulter, wipe out regularly. Expect falls, and practice as often as you can.

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Chad Boulter : The Benefits of Playing Music

Chad Boulter is a guitarist who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music. He plays local  and teaches students in and around his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, for a living.

Chad Boulter Playing Music

When Chad Boulter picked up his first guitar in his teenage years, it changed his life forever. Benefits like those below are just some of the many that are responsible for changing lives, and they might convince you to join (or play for) the crowd:

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•    Concentration As you learn to play and read music, you develop a new level of concentration. Whether you’re pulling mournful jazz wails from a harmonica or dancing your violin down a classical piece, you must focus your mind intently if you don’t want to crash.

•    Universal Language Connection with other humans is among life’s greatest pleasures, but you don’t need words to speak. Music is a universal language that transcends words and forms connections between souls of people from around the world.

Musicians like Chad Boulter discover personal benefits unrelated to those touched on above. Rent an instrument from a local shop to keep it affordable and find an instructor to explore your own reasons.

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Chad Boulter: Living the Dream

Chad Boulter is a professional guitarist who is living his dream of playing music and catching waves in Jupiter, Florida. He also enjoys trips to Colorado’s ski slopes for weekends of snowboarding.

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