Chad Boulter: Safety in Skateboarding

Chad Boulter has a reputation for his cool demeanor on stage and his trend-setting style off it. He loves to spend his spare time surfing and skateboarding near his home in Jupiter, Florida, where he has made his professional jazz career successful by connecting with other musicians and with music fans in the community and by honing his craft for years. Chad Boulter takes his hobbies seriously because, as he puts it, he “never takes days off from his life. One life to live.”

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Just because Chad Boulter loves to grip it and rip it doesn’t mean he doesn’t take safety seriously. He loves to surf near his home in Jupiter and go skateboarding whenever he can. He loves the adrenaline rush of these hobbies, but he still keeps himself safe with appropriate equipment.

Boulter can be seen around his Jupiter community flying through the streets on his skateboard—and helmet. Boulter has seen the statistics for people who get injured on skateboards and don’t wear helmets. Musician Chad Boulter has one child already and needs to be there for him, so he takes his safety, especially when it comes to helmets to protect his head, seriously, so that nothing goes wrong.

Chad Boulter continues to push himself to new heights on stage with his saxophone playing. His hobbies reflect his constant seeking for the next rush, but he doesn’t take chances with his safety. Boulter’s helmets may not look “cool,” but it protects him and keeps him playing his saxophone and building his career.


About Chad Boulter

Chad Boulter rose through the amateur ranks as a skateboarder when he was only eighteen years old. Chad Boulter beat out many professional skaters in some of his first competitions. When he turned 21, he turned to snowboarding, and earned his first sponsorship. Today, he boards professionally and has entered competitions all over the world. Chad Boulter says his dream is to win Olympic Gold.
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