Chad Boulter – How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Get Sponsored

If you dream of making a living as a snowboarding professional, you are not alone. However, only a select handful of people, like Chad Boulter, will make it as a professional snowboarder. If you are looking to find a snowboard sponsor, here are some tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

Chad Boulter

  • Put together an insane edit of your season and be sure to post it to a popular snowboarding website like Snowboarder or Yobeat.
  • Make sure you are hanging out with the right crowd. If your crew is known in the biz, chances are you’ll get places.
  • Win a semi-major and get invited to a major. Then win. This is one of the quickest ways to get noticed.
  • The snowboarding community is small; so be nice to everyone you meet.
  • Make sure the first thirty seconds of your sponsor me edits is stellar. Things like bad music, bad style, and giant kickers will work against you. Treat every moment as an opportunity to get noticed.
  • Be original and check your attitude. Your personality has a lot to do with whether a company will want to sponsor you.
  • Work hard and don’t give up; patience is a virtue.

It takes more than talent to become a professional snowboarder, just ask Chad Boulter. If you want to land sponsors, you have to work hard both on and off the slopes. If your dream is to get paid to carve the mountain, stay focused and never give up, with hard work and persistence you can make your dream a reality.



About Chad Boulter

Chad Boulter rose through the amateur ranks as a skateboarder when he was only eighteen years old. Chad Boulter beat out many professional skaters in some of his first competitions. When he turned 21, he turned to snowboarding, and earned his first sponsorship. Today, he boards professionally and has entered competitions all over the world. Chad Boulter says his dream is to win Olympic Gold.
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