Chad Boulter – Getting the Right Foot Alignment on a Snowboard

Chad Boulter is a professional snowboarder who is currently training in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in order to one day compete at the Olympic level. He has been snowboarding for almost ten years since he started at the age of 19 while on a trip to colorful Colorado. He turned professional after only two years at the age of 21 and has dedicated himself to the sport ever since. He had a lot to learn about the sport in a short period of time, but has become an expert on bindings, boards, boots, and even foot alignment depending on your riding style.

Chad BoulterOne of the most important things to know about your riding style is your foot alignment. Your riding style not only determines what type of board you ride, but what kind of bindings you use as well. The combination of your board, bindings, and alignment should all be related to your riding style and help you ride the best that you possibly can. Fi you do a lot of tricks and ride in the park, you typically want your stance to be on the wider side with both your feet angled out about 15 degrees. This will help you when you’re riding switch and pulling off tricks that involve full body rotations. However, if you’re worried about doing tricks or riding switch, you can angle your front foot out about 15 degrees or more, with your back foot either perpendicular to the board with no angle, or a little bit of outward angle for comfort.

Chad Boulter knows that all riders are different and that your riding style doesn’t need to determine anything. However, there are way to align the feet so that your preform to your full potential on the mountain.

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About Chad Boulter

Chad Boulter rose through the amateur ranks as a skateboarder when he was only eighteen years old. Chad Boulter beat out many professional skaters in some of his first competitions. When he turned 21, he turned to snowboarding, and earned his first sponsorship. Today, he boards professionally and has entered competitions all over the world. Chad Boulter says his dream is to win Olympic Gold.
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