Snowboarding Styles of Chad Boulter: Freeride, Freestyle and Freecarve/Race

Today’s sport of snowboarding enjoys widespread acceptance, with sport champions like Chad Boulter teaching today’s next generation of snowboarders. There were approximately 8.2 million snowboarders on the North American continent in 2010, amounting to more than 30% of snow sports activists. Although snowboarding became a Winter Olympic sport in 1998 and part of the Winter Paralympics in 2014, its popularity in the United States has waned in the last 10 years.

Chad Boulter mastered the skills and nuances of skateboarding in his hometown in Florida before turning his talents toward snowboarding in Colorado. Snowboarding eventually crystallized into three common styles: freeride, freestyle and freecarve/race.  The styles are distinct; nonetheless, the styles overlap somewhat in their use for recreational and professional snowboarding.  Jibbing in snowboard parlance is riding on unusual surfaces.  Metal rails, boxes, benches, concrete ledges, walls, vehicles, rocks and logs may also be propelling surfaces for the snowboarder.

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How to do skateboarding, tips by Chad Boulter

During Chad Boulter’s skateboarding championship days in Florida, cities had begun to implement skateboarding activity areas into public lands projects and parks.   2,400 skate-parks existed worldwide by 2006, customized designs created to pull in street skaters for safer skateboarding.

Check out this PPT shared by Chad Boulter about the safety tips in skateboarding:

Visit to know more.

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How to do surfing, learn tips by Chad Boulter

Chad Boulter is a top American snowboarding professional, winning and placing in multiple competitions since he went pro at the age of 21.  United States snowboarders have taken more Olympic Gold medals than any other country with 10.  Only Switzerland comes close with 7 Gold medals.

Check out this PPT shard by Chad Boulter to know, how to do surfing:

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Floridian Chad Boulter Moved from Surfing, to Sidewalk Surfing to Skateboarding

Chad Boulter’s professional status as a snowboarder, and earlier as a skateboarding pro, means his entire life has been about moving over surfaces on some kind of board.

Chad Boulter turned pro as a skateboarder early on.  Born in Jupiter, Florida, Boulter came to his boarding expertise by osmosis, absorbing surfing, then sidewalk surfing, or skateboarding.

Skateboarding evolved from sidewalk surfing, which came about when waves for surfing were flat.  It may have originated in California in the late 40’s or early 50’s, although there is a report by an American WAC of Parisian children riding on boards with roller skate wheels in France in 1944.

A Los Angeles surf shop ordered sets of skate wheels from a Chicago Skate company to attach to square wooden boards, a product to distract surfers when they could not surf.  By the 1960’s surf board builders in southern California were building skateboards.

Go through:

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Chad Boulter Brings Snowboard Culture Into the New Millennium

Jupiter, Florida, an upscale, middle class enclave in sunny southern Florida, might seem a strange place to find a passionate snowboarder like Chad Boulter.  But the arc of Boulter’s life has naturally led him from his championship skateboarding life in Florida to yielding to the urgings of his handlers to try a colder, faster surface…snow.

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Snowboarding in Colorado did not evolve easily, its history resembling that of skateboarding.  Colorado is the home of the world’s finest skiing slopes and world class ski resorts which, by and large, banned early snowboards from their slopes.

The struggle for acceptance of snowboard riders like Chad Boulter was slow.  Ski resorts which did permit snowboarding often required a skills assessment before being allowed to ride lifts to the top of the mountain.

Even as late as 1985 only 7% of ski areas in the United States allowed snowboarding.  Europe was little different, as skiers disapproved of both the skills and the equipment of early snowboarders.

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Chad Boulter: The Origins of Jump Start

Chad Boulter

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Chad Boulter: Playing the Theremin

Chad Boulter is a musician based in Florida. He plays guitar in a jazz band called Jump Start, and as a day job teaches music at a local music store.

Chad Boulter Theremin

He attended Florida A&M University, and graduated with a music degree, with an emphasis on Jazz Studies and Electronic Music composition. Chad Boulter says that electronic music a very broad category. “A lot of people, when they think about electronic music – they think it means dub or house music, something like that,” he said. “But it’s much more than that. Did you know that electronic music has been around for more than a hundred years?”

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As a student at Florida A&M, he was excited to get some hands-on experience with early electronic musical instruments, such as the Theremin. “In a way, you can’t really get your hands on a Theremin,” he said. “At least, not when you play it. It’s a curious instrument; you produce sounds on it, and control them, by waving your hands in front of a couple of wands, or antennas, that protrude from it. One of them is for pitch, and the other is for volume.” One is vertical and the other is horizontal. As your hand gets closer to the vertical antenna, Chad Boulter explained, the pitch gets higher, while approaching the horizontal one makes the volume softer. “But you don’t actually make contact with either one.”

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